Archives – Cheshire (High Legh)

We have the following image of High Legh Independent Methodist Church in our archives.

The site at High Legh was first developed in about 1700 when a cottage was built on the site (the left-hand portion of the building in the photograph above).  The chapel was built in 1921 as an extension to the cottage (the central portion above).  Then in 1983 a further extension was added to the building (the right-hand portion above).  However, the chapel closed in 1996 and a decision was taken by the Connexion to use the site as a Connexional Retreat Centre.  A further extension was then added to the building in 2006, which cannot be seen in the photograph above.

For further photographs of the Centre, have a look at the “Northwood Christian Centre” link in the menu at the top of the page.

We hold no archive materials in relation to this church.