Introduction to the Archives

The Independent Methodist Archives are housed at the Resource Centre, and can be used to trace many aspects of the history of the Connexion and its individual churches, and may also be of value to family historians.

A number of our churches store their records in the Archives.  This ensures their safety and still allows the churches in question to access them when needed, since they are catalogued and stored in a way that ensures that items can be found.

We continue to collect information, and whilst it will be impossible to have all the material on this site, we want to provide information on churches, past and present, together with a catalogue of items that are held in the archive for each church. Currently this takes the form of several catalogues of information, but over the next few months we will strive to expand this to make our archive more specific to areas and churches.

Visits to the Archives can be arranged through the Connexional Services Manager by calling the Registered Office & Resource Centre. Enquiries should also be directed to the Connexional Services Manager at the moment, who will pass these on to our Archivist for attention.

Our thanks go to John Dolan, a past-archivist, who committed much of his time to building the archive and creating catalogues.