Our Practices

Statement of Practice

The following are statements on how we are organised as a denomination.

Churches – Each Church is self-governing.  Subject to the Church’s trust deed, the members meeting is the final authority in all matters affecting the Church.

Circuits – Groups of Churches are associated in Circuits for mutual benefit.  The meetings of the Circuits are deliberative in character and recommendations can only be effective by the co-operation of each Church.  The organisation of each Circuit is outlined in its rules.

Connexion – All member Churches constitute the Connexion of Independent Methodist Churches.  The organisation of the Connexion is outlined in its constitution.

Ministries – Every believer is called to service in the Kingdom of God, there being no distinction between one believer and another beyond that of function.  It is recognised that  differing talents, spiritual gifts and ministries are bestowed on believers for the benefit of the church as a whole.  Each church should, therefore, recognise and cultivate the talents, gifts and ministries of its members so that it may function as a ministering fellowship.

To assist in church leadership, pastoral responsibility and the ministry of the Word and sacraments, the Connexion commissions to its ministry those who have been called to ministerial appointment in one or more of the Connexion’s churches and who have met the qualifications laid down in the current statement on Ministry.

To assist in the wider ministry of the Word, the Connexion commissions and accredits preachers who have been nominated by their church and Circuit and who have met the appropriate qualifications laid down in the current Statement on Ministry.

The Connexion may, from time to time, provide training and accredit people to other specified ministries in the Connexion, such as Bible teachers, evangelists, missioners, missionaries and youth workers.

The Connexion makes no provision for the financial support of any personnel other than its central staff, evangelists and overseas missionaries.

Mission – The Connexion is concerned with the spread of the Gospel at home and overseas.  Where required, Churches and Missions are assisted and new Churches or Missions may be formed, using Connexional resources of finance and personnel.