Archives – Bristol (Bedminster – Mount Zion)

We have the following images of Bedminster Mount Zion Independent Methodist Church, two of which are from our archives, the other two show the building since its conversion to apartments.

Bedminster Mount Zion Independent Methodist Church was opened in 1885.  The church building had a rather odd west front because it was built by local miners who didn’t employ the services of an architect.  In the construction of the church, they used materials from another local church which was being demolished.  So, the west front was a jumble of lancets and an offset arched west door.  But the lancets were not completed and the blocks were not cut.  The west front, which was 32 feet wide was made of random rubble, but the sides of the church were more conventional and built with brick.  The church was damaged during the second world war, and in the early 2000’s had new rooms added at the rear.  However, the church was closed in 2011, and is now (2019) apartments.

In the archives, we hold the following items from this church:

  • Printed History: (Jubilee History by B. H. Plucknett, 1935)
  • Registers: (Baptisms 1954 – 1992; Baptism application forms 1954 – 1992; Membership 1909 – 1953 (including some marriages) 1910 – 1951)
  • Minutes: (Church minute books 1913 -1921, 1946 – 1983; Correspondence re trust 1989 – 1995)
  • Sunday School: (Minutes 1929 – 1991)
  • Choir: (Minutes 1945 – 1995)
  • Brotherhood and Sisterhood: (Minutes 1916 – 1941)
  • Finance Records: (Treasurer’s Book 1915 – 1960; Income and Expenditure Book 1925 – 1941; Folder of old accounts various (with Marriage Registration correspondence) 1983)
  • Photographs: (Photographs, including church centenary 1985)
  • Commemorative items: (Re-opening of Sunday School 1951; H Potter Recognition Service 1982; H Potter Thanksgiving Service 2006; G Turner Thanksgiving Service 2009; Centenary Celebrations 1985; Church invitation card (undisclosed date))
  • Miscellaneous: (Membership list (undisclosed date); List of response to R Rimmer’s mission (undisclosed date); List of dates of church developments (various); Statistical form 1918; Secretary’s report (undisclosed date); Recipients of Christmas gifts 1918)