Connexional Officers

Below is a list of positions within the Connexion (the Connexional Officers), a brief description of what the position entails, and who currently holds the position. To contact them, simply click on their name to send them an email.


The position of President is normally accepted for a tenure of two years. The President acts as a focal figure for Connexional life. They represent the Connexion with other Christian bodies; preside at Connexional Committee Meetings; sometimes provide a lead and/or guidance as required; and several other duties besides.


As the President completes the first year of office, we elect a President-Elect to shadow the President for one year before taking up the office of President. Due to exceptional circumstances we do not currently have anyone in place as President Elect, but hope to fill this role once we have elected a President at our next Annual Meeting.

General Secretary – BRIAN ROWNEY

Central figure for contact on all aspects of Connexional work.

Assistant General Secretary

Supports and assists the General Secretary. This position is currently vacant, so please contact the General Secretary .

Administrative Secretary

Deals with Administration, Annual Meeting arrangements, assisting the churches with legislation and sales of redundant churches. This position is currently vacant, so please contact the General Secretary or Assistant General Secretary.

Church Support Organiser – MARILYN RIDING

Coordinates all aspects of church support. Liaises with church leaders to discover and deliver any support they require; organises training to meet the needs of the churches.

Communications Officer – ALAN HARRISON

Co-ordinates communications within the organisation to ensure that they are consistent and effective. Communications include the Archive, the IMC Website, the Connexion Magazine and other Connexional publications. The Communications Officer also advises on, and recommends the use of, other technology within the Connexion.

Education Organiser – SHAUN NEWTON

Administers the Ministers’ Education Course.

Financial Administrator – FRED KEARSLEY

Oversees the finances of the Connexion and deals with grant applications.

Ministry Organiser – LEN OGILVIE

Deals with matters relating to Connexional ministers and their support.

Overseas Missions Organiser – ANNE STANWORTH

Works to help and support the oversea missionaries. Helps to coordinate church visits and promotes the Lord’s work overseas.

Safeguarding Officer – GRAHAM EDMONDSON

Deals with all safeguarding issues within the Connexion and provides advice, guidance and support to all of our churches.