Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advice

We want to keep you up-to-date with information and updates about Coronavirus (COVID-19) so that you can take appropriate action within your churches.

Latest Advice

For the latest government and NHS advice you can use the following links:

Government Advice

Public Health England Advice

NHS Advice

You should also note the Coronavirus Bill includes information that may be helpful about funeral services.  Schedule 27 of the Bill relates to the management of deaths and sets out the powers available to local government to take control of local death management systems where essential for the protection of public health and the dignity of the deceased.  Throughout, the government will ensure that local authorities and other public bodies have due regard to people’s religion or belief, and has sought to make this explicit through an amendment to the face of the Bill.  Only as a last resort would other more stringent measures be considered.

Coronavirus Bill

Coronavirus Update Monday 29th June 2020

Today the government have provided an update for places of worship – COVID-19: Guidance for the safe use of places of worship from 4 July.  This is guidance that churches should follow if they wish to re-open for worship.

This guidance should be used in conjunction with other information that churches have received – Risk Assessments etc. before any church re-opens.  If you require any assistance in completing a Risk Assessment for your church before re-opening, please contact the Resource Centre in the first instance.

Coronavirus Update Thursday 25th June 2020

Today the government have provided some updated guidance on what can and can’t be done in the form of a FAQ on their website.  There is still no clear, official guidance yet on re-opening churches for worship purposes, but as this information becomes available will be contacting the churches.  Here is the link to the FAQ page

Coronavirus Update Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Today, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced a further easing of lockdown restrictions from Saturday 4th July.  This easing has an impact for our churches, but at this moment we do not have any firm guidelines.  As soon as we have these, we will be contacting churches to let you know what you will and will not be able to do from 4th July.

However, for now, here is the Government Press Release.

Coronavirus Update Tuesday 16th June 2020

Government issues guidance for the safe use of places of worship during the pandemic

On Friday 12th June, the government issued guidance for the safe use of places of worship during the pandemic.  You can find the information here.

The Connexion has also issued some helpful documents to our churches in the weekly mailing to guide your thinking as you consider whether you should re-open or not.  If you do not receive these documents, please contact the Resource Centre to get a copy.

Coronavirus Update Monday 8th June 2020

Places of worship to re-open for individual prayer (Full Government Press Release)

From Monday 15th June places of worship will be permitted to open for individual prayer in line with social distancing guidelines.  Individual prayer within a place of worship is defined as “a person or household entering the venue to pray on their own and not as part of a group, led prayer or communal act.”  They should be socially distanced from other individuals or households.

This decision follows discussions between the government and representatives of major faiths through the “Places of Worship Taskforce” which the Communities Secretary has chaired.  

This move recognises the spiritual and mental health benefits for people being able to pray in their place of worship, and that for some people this cannot be replicated by praying at home.

New guidance will be published shortly to ensure the limited re-opening of places of worship can be done safely and in line with social distancing guidelines.  However, “Faith Leaders” should carry out a risk assessment of the place of worship and tailor this guidance as appropriate for the venue and practices being carried out.  This will be in addition to any risk assessment already in place.

Places of worship still have discretion over when they consider it safe to open and may decide to remain closed or reopen at a slower pace if they wish.

Under the existing regulations, funerals are allowed in places of worship where it is possible to do so safely.  Other gatherings and services such as baptisms, weddings, supplementary schools, meetings and classes are not permitted.

Also places of worship may open for ministers of religion to film or record a service for broadcast, for the hosting of essential voluntary activities such as homeless services, for registered early years and childcare providers and for blood donation sessions.  Buildings should also remain closed to tourists.

But a word of caution.  The government is following the latest scientific and medical advice around how activities such as singing and/or playing instruments can best be managed safely.  Further guidance will follow on this shortly, but for now such activity should be avoided.


Coronavirus Update Monday 11th May 2020

In his latest update given yesterday at 7pm, Boris Johnson announced some small relaxations to the current advice regarding Coronavirus.  This does have some impact, but not yet for our churches, so we await further advice.  However, if you are wondering about personal implications, the are some FAQs here to assist you.

Coronavirus Update Thursday 16th April 2020

In Thursday’s coronavirus press conference update, the Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, confirmed that the UK’s social distancing measures will be extended for at least the next three weeks.  The Foreign Secretary stated that, in order to relax the social distancing measures, five criteria must be satisfied:

  1. That the NHS will be able to provide sufficient care across the UK
  2. A sustained and consistent fall in COVID-19 deaths
  3. Reliable data showing that the rate of infection is decreasing to manageable levels
  4. Must be confident that operational capacity will be able to meet the demand
  5. Must be confident that any adjustments will not risk a second peak of infections.

As we receive further information we will, of course, update this site.  But for now our churches should remain closed until we receive any furtheradvice.

Church Services

On Monday 16th March, a question was raised in the House of Commons regarding religious group meetings.  Please see the video below for the response.  This is advice and each church can make their own decision on whether to meet or not.